Mail-order FAQ

You need our ice cream, we love shipping our ice cream: a perfect symbiotic relationship. Since it’s our first year of Anarchy mail order, we need your help as much as you need our product. We will send out a certain number of orders per week this summer (starts at 25 per week until we get our feet under us), so make sure you sign up quickly. Orders in by Friday – assuming all the available order slots for the week aren’t already taken – will ship out the following Tuesday. With your help during Beta testing, we will be able to streamline our shipping process so that by holiday time you can get the best ice cream around delivered right to your door any day of the week.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we have a three-pint minimum order.

Can you explain the weekly order amount more?

Yes. In a nutshell, the Sisters don’t like making mistakes – in school, in sports, and certainly not when it comes to providing service to our customers. They’d rather keep the numbers down until they know we can get it right, every time. As we road test our fulfillment process and eliminate the inevitable bugs, we will slowly increase the number of available orders in a given week. Orders placed by the previous Friday will be shipped on Tuesdays of the following week.

Where do we ship?

Well, with confidence, east of the Mississippi within the domestic US of A. Without confidence, just about anywhere as long as everyone involved understands we are somewhat rolling the dice as to shipping times and ice cream arrival condition. Also, special orders outside of the above mentioned zone could have significantly higher costs, particularly if the solution is air freight.

But totally worth it ….

Shipping costs?

Our standard packaging for shipping can hold 3-6 pints. Within our “east of the Mississippi” shipping zone mentioned above, shipping is a flat rate $18 for our Fed Ex ground transport. Beyond 6 pints, it would involve another standard package and another flat rate charge. For air shipping or shipping to San Francisco or Guam or Hong Kong, etc., a custom shipping fee will be generated.




It’s not you…. It’s us…..we’re at our order max for the week. Read the order FAQs.